Is an MDX Worth the Extra Money Over an RDX?


In terms of a luxury SUV, both the MDX and RDX are great options when considering a new vehicle. The MDX is the slightly larger of the two, while the RDX is smaller and sportier. So, which one is the right one for you? We break down the advantages of both to help you decide that easier.

MDX Advantages

The MDX is the larger vehicle of the two, with 3rd row seating giving the ability to carry up to 7 passengers. You can also opt to have captains seats in the second row, bringing the total passenger capacity down to 6, but giving you a more comfortable and stylish seating layout. With the MDX being larger, it also means that it has slightly more cargo room than the RDX. The MDX is also available in a hybrid option, giving it slightly better fuel economy, but at a price of course.

RDX Advantages

The RDX is smaller and sportier, giving it a more desirable look for some people. The RDX also offers better fuel economy than the non-hybrid MDX at 9.9L/100km vs. 10.8L/100km. Another advantage the RDX has over the MDX is of course the price. With a starting MSRP of $43,990, the RDX is much more affordable than the MDX.


The MDX and the RDX are both great cars, offering luxury and performance at respectable price points. They both have their advantages to them and it ultimately comes down your needs. If you have a bigger family that is constantly on the road, than the MDX is the clear choice for you. If you want better fuel economy and the extra space and seating isn’t necessary for your lifestyle, then saving some money and getting a similar luxury SUV is the better option for you.


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