Safe And in Control With Acura’s SH-AWD in Ottawa, Ontario

Published on April 30 2018

Acura models provide an all-wheel option to help with winter challenges as well as dynamic handling. The whole purpose of Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) is to regulate how the Acura drives while instilling confidence in the driver.

Working While You Drive, in Ottawa, Ontario

With regular front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, the tires are driven by torque to the front or rear wheels. In other words, the engine’s power is directed to the wheel to make it spin. In all-wheel drive, all four wheels may receive power. Basically, with SH-AWD, the vehicle can drive in any mode (front-, rear- or four-wheel) that is required in a specific situation.

SH-AWD allows the four wheels to receive power at the same or different rates, depending on the vehicle’s needs. Unlike some systems that maximize their capability at a 50/50 ratio, SH-AWD can direct up to 70 percent of its torque to the rear wheels. This can keep the car or SUV from getting stuck in the snow or sliding on the ice.

Matching Driver Input with Appropriate Torque and Traction in Ottawa, Ontario

SH-AWD watches over many factors as it decides how to respond. Weight distribution, which changes on curves, is one element, another is wheel spin. Tires often do not spin at the same rate, causing instability or a lack of grip. For instance, while turning the tires on the outside are spinning faster to than the tires on the inside.

Engineers at Acura have placed sensors at key places underneath every SH-AWD equipped vehicle. These actively measure your steering angle, wheel speed, yaw rate, and lateral G-force. Communicating with a central computer unit, SH-AWD makes decisions in the moment, changing as conditions change.

Slippery or snowy conditions can use any combination of torque distribution needed to get and keep grip. For extra traction capability, the system can move torque to only one rear wheel. The SH-AWD system is designed to intelligently and swiftly assist to help drivers during our snowy winters, as well as on spirited drives on wind roads.

When driving straight during good weather, you can expect 90 percent of the torque to go to the front wheels. If you take a curve, the system may redirect 45 percent of the torque to the rear wheels to improve cornering. High-speed curves may require the maximum 70 percent directed to the rear.

To see how this system works, check out the 2018 Acura models equipped with SH-AWD. You’ll find a selection at Camco Acura.

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