2022 MDX Type S and its Type S Turbo V6 engine are built exclusively in Ohio Most powerful and best-performing Acura SUV ever MDX Type S is the first Acura SUV to wear Type S badge Production of t...Read More

Pickles. Are they the solution to environmental sustainability? They might just be the solution to an environmental hazard spreading across Ontario, road salt. As the cold creeps back into the air...Read More

In 1903, an Alabama woman by the name of Mary Anderson applied for a patent on an invention that would eventually become what we know today, windshield wipers.   While visiting New York City in...Read More

Concours de précommande de la NSX Type S. Participez pour courir la chance de faire un dépôt non remboursable sur l'Acura de production la plus performante jamais construite. More

We're pleased to announce the arrival of the 2022 NSX Type S is just around the corner! Hand-built by master technicians at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) with a limited production of...Read More

Car enthusiasts rejoice, the Acura Integra is back!  During Monterey Car Week, Acura dropped the bomb that they’re bringing back the Integra in 2022.   “I’m thrilled to say Integra i...Read More

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