The Acura Integra 2022

Car enthusiasts rejoice, the Acura Integra is back!  During Monterey Car Week, Acura dropped the bomb that they’re bringing back the Integra in 2022.  

“I’m thrilled to say Integra is returning to the Acura lineup with the same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original, fulfilling our commitment to Precision Crafted Performance in every way—design, performance and the overall driving experience.” Said Jon Ikeda, vice president of Acura. 

Though for now details about the 2022 Integra are scarce, we expect to see a compact 2-door hatchback with the same passion for driving as its namesake before it.  

We at Camco Acura are thrilled to announce this new vehicle and will keep you updated when you can get your hands on it!