Author: Colin Joseph

In 1903, an Alabama woman by the name of Mary Anderson applied for a patent on an invention that would eventually become what we know today, windshield wipers.   While visiting New York City in...Read More

Concours de précommande de la NSX Type S. Participez pour courir la chance de faire un dépôt non remboursable sur l'Acura de production la plus performante jamais construite. More

We're pleased to announce the arrival of the 2022 NSX Type S is just around the corner! Hand-built by master technicians at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) with a limited production of...Read More

Car enthusiasts rejoice, the Acura Integra is back!  During Monterey Car Week, Acura dropped the bomb that they’re bringing back the Integra in 2022.   “I’m thrilled to say Integra i...Read More

With summer coming to an end, many of us put away our summer vehicles that aren’t made for the colder months. However, this isn’t just parking your vehicle in a garage for the season and walk...Read More

We can see hope in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the world in the last 18 months. Vaccines are being distributed and people are getting jabbed at a steady rate. This means ...Read More

Japan has been the birthplace of many auto manufacturers like Honda, Subaru, Toyota and others. You may not know this, but Japan has also been the birthplace of an amazing car culture. These two i...Read More