History Of Acura Racing

Acura Racing / Speeding Through History

From its exciting beginnings to its remarkable achievements on racetracks, Acura Racing has left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports and the Acura brand. Now, high-tech performance has trickled down to Acura’s production cars that you find on the road everyday thanks to Acura Racing. Buckle up as we explore how Acura went from a luxury car brand to a powerhouse in the racing world. 


The Starting Line: Acura’s Racing Origins 

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In the mid-1980s, Acura, a division of the well-known car company Honda, had a vision to make high-performance cars that could also dominate the racetracks. Acura introduced its first luxury car model, the Legend, in 1986. However, it wasn’t until 1991 that Acura truly took its turn in the racing world. 



The NSX Goes Racing 


Acura’s iconic sports car, the NSX, became the centerpiece of their racing ambitions. In 1991, the NSX made its debut in the IMSA Camel Lights Championship, a prestigious racing series. The NSX wasn’t just a beauty; it had the power to match its looks. With its lightweight body and a powerful engine, it zoomed across the tracks, catching the attention of racing fans and competitors alike. 

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The Super Car’s Success 


As the years went by, the NSX’s success on the racetracks continued to grow. In 1995, Acura introduced a new version of the NSX, equipped with even more power and advanced technology. This upgraded model dominated the North American GT Championship, showing the world that Acura was a force to be reckoned with.  

A New Millennium of Racing 


The 2000s saw Acura taking its racing pursuits to a whole new level. In 2007, Acura entered the American Le Mans Series with the Acura LMP2 prototype. This innovative car featured advanced aerodynamics and cutting-edge engineering, making it a fierce competitor on the track. 

Acura’s Big Win: The 24 Hours of Daytona 


One of Acura Racing’s most memorable moments came in 2009 when the Acura-powered team won the grueling 24 Hours of Daytona race. This victory was a testament to Acura’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of speed and performance. The Acura-powered cars showcased their endurance and speed, capturing the checkered flag and cementing their place in racing history. 



Dominating the Competition 


In the following years, Acura continued to demonstrate its commitment to racing excellence. The Acura TLX GT made its mark in the Pirelli World Challenge, a series known for intense competition. The TLX GT’s impressive aerodynamics and powerful engine allowed it to outmaneuver opponents and claim victory. 

Innovation and Progression 


Acura Racing has always been more than just about winning races; it has served as a dynamic crucible for innovation, a testing ground where cutting-edge technologies are developed and perfected. This spirit of innovation extends beyond the racetrack and has a significant impact on the vehicles we see on the streets today. 


Acura has also pushed the envelope when it comes to aerodynamics. In the quest for speed and efficiency, engineers and designers have developed intricate aerodynamic packages for their race cars. These designs don’t just make the cars look sleek; they enhance downforce, reduce drag, and improve overall handling. This technology has trickled down into Acura’s production cars, making them more fuel-efficient and agile on the road. 

Acura’s racing efforts have driven advancements in engine performance. Engineers continually refine engine designs to extract more power, optimize fuel efficiency, and enhance reliability. These innovations find their way into Acura’s production vehicles, resulting in cars that not only offer exhilarating performance but also meet modern emissions standards. 


EV Innovation

In recent years, Acura has taken steps toward electrification, much of which has been influenced by racing. The brand has explored hybrid and electric powertrains on the track, leading to innovations that are increasingly visible in Acura’s hybrid and electric production vehicles. These technologies are not only eco-friendly but also enhance performance with instant torque delivery.

Data Tech


Racing generates vast amounts of data about a car’s performance, which is analyzed in real time. This data-driven approach has led to advancements in vehicle telemetry and infotainment systems in Acura’s road cars. Drivers can now access valuable performance data, enhancing their driving experience and safety.

Acura Racing is also a space for developing safety technologies. Racing at high speeds demands the utmost in safety features, and innovations like better roll cages, helmet designs, and advanced seatbelts have their origins on the track. These advancements trickle into Acura’s production cars, making them safer for everyday drivers. 

Finish Line 


Acura Racing’s commitment to innovation isn’t just about winning trophies but also about shaping the future of the Acura. Each lap on the racetrack is a chance to refine and perfect technologies that ultimately benefit Acura’s broader customer base. As Acura continues to push the boundaries of performance and technology on the racetrack, car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike can look forward to experiencing the results in their own vehicles, where safety, efficiency, and performance converge in exciting new ways. 


From its early days as a luxury car brand to its triumphs on the racetracks, the history of Acura Racing is a tale of innovation, dedication, and exhilarating victories. Acura’s journey from the debut of the NSX to its domination of racing championships showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing the limits of speed and performance. As Acura Racing continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the legacy of Acura’s racing endeavors will continue to inspire car enthusiasts and racers for generations to come.