About Your Service Visit

When you arrive at service reception you will be greeted by one of our three service advisors who will be your main contact through the service appointment.  They will review your service requirements, provide you with an overview of the work being completed and advise you when the work has been completed.  After checking in, your service advisor will be in contact with you throughout the day and will be available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

During your visit we will be checking important aspects of maintaining your car.  Because we are preparing for the winter season we will;

  • We will complete a multi-point inspection looking at things like brake wear, battery life and more.  We will alert you if any issues are discovered during your service appointment and provide an update at check out.
  • Measure the tread depth of your tires and provide you with an update as to the remaining life of the tires installed on your car.  To learn more about how tire depth is measured and what it tells us, please check out this video:
  • Check regular maintenance interval requirements.  The manufacturer provides detailed recommended maintenance programs for every vehicle and owner.  We will let you know if you’re at a suggested maintenance interval and what the manufacturer suggests is required to properly maintain your vehicle and keep it running longer.
  • Recall or Warranty Search – every vehicle that comes into Camco Acura will be reviewed against our recall database to make sure you’re informed about any outstanding recalls regarding your vehicle.  Just another step to make sure your vehicle is safe and operating well.
  • Finally, again because we’re heading into winter, we’ll have a look at any obvious parts of the car that you may want addressed like windshield wipers or cabin air filters.  Things that wouldn’t normally be something you’d bring the car in for, but we can address while its here.  In fact, because we see a lot of these, we are even making it easier to have some routine items replaced during the ‘ready for winter’ season.